Created by Ronaldo Nascimento, JBossDruid helps you create a Container Managed Persistent (CMP) Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) source code and deployment descriptors for JBoss EJB Container.

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News: Source is now available, go to sourceforge to get it.

What JBossDruid will do for you:

What it will NOT do for you:



See the Files section in Sourceforge. You can go there from here. The latest version is 1.0.2.



comming soon...

  1. Welcome
  2. JDBC Login
  3. Select Table
  4. Map Columns
  5. Bean Names
  6. Primary Key
  7. EJB Create Methods
  8. EJB Finder Methods
  9. JNDI Names
  10. Save Files
  11. Sample Bean java source

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